Northampton State Hospital
This western Massachusetts hospital was built in 1856 and remained one of the few state hospitals west of Worcester. Today the Kirkbride still stands on the grounds, ready to be saved.
Rhode Island State Hospital
This is a Abandoned Asylum exclusive.
This state hospital is mostly still in use
but like most hospitals there are abandoned buildings scattered throughout the campus. Enjoy!
Danvers State Hospital
This is probably the most famous abandoned
asylum in the United States. If you have ever
had the chance to be there in person you will
know why. Being captivated by the
gothic architecture and the scale of this
Kirkbride. Enjoy asylum fans.
Medfield State Hospital
This recently closed state hospital looks like it was closed many years ago. Almost all of the older bulidings have been completely boarded up. But none the less another great asylum.

Kankakee State Hospital
This state hospital is now being used as a developmental center. The buildings are magnificant. The beautiful clock tower that graces the Kirkbride Building. Also included is a short history from 1893.

Foxboro State Hospital
Here is another one of Massachusetts many abandoned state hospitals. The layout of the buildings is something I have never seen. Also
a cemetry located about 1 mile from the campus
with numbered graves.
Fairfield State Hospital
Also known as Fairfield Hills Hospital this institution is a very well kept abandoned asylum. Also included is a history and the First Annual Report to the Board of Trustees. With over a hundred photos this is the most intriguing page to date.

Norwich State Hospital
This New England hospital is a very good example of a cottage plan asylum. Enjoy these photographs and check back for more in the future

Traverse City State Hospital
This asylum is very interesting and its the one that inspired me to photograph and visit the asylums I have. The grounds are free to walk around and sometimes they have tours of the main buildings. Check some of the other sites for info...
Worcester State Hospital
Some photographs of a historic asylum in Worcester, Massachusetts. Abandoned and partly destroyed by fire. A very well built example of a "Kirkbride" asylum. It is one of the oldest in Massachusetts.
Taunton State Hospital
Photographs of the partly abandoned insane asylum in Taunton, Massachusetts. Contains some postcard images and real photographs of this historic institution in southeastern Massachusetts.
Worcester State Hospital Fire
Contains pictures of the fire damage done sometime ago. Pictures taken before most of the building was torn down due to fire.
King's Park State Hospital
Many photographs of this Long Island hospital completely abandoned by the state of New York. Contains real photographs, some postcards, and links to other site about this site.
Pennhurst State School and Hospital
Closed over twenty years ago this institution has sat abandoned and poorly maintained. Mostly used to care for the developmentally disabled. Located in Spring City, PA.
Philadelphia State Hospital
This Northeast Philadelphia asylum was once a city operated hospital. Taken over by the state in 1938. It has been abandoned for over 12 years. It was closed do to deplorable conditions. Also known as Byberry
Buffalo State Hospital
Also known as Buffalo Psychiatric Center it is one of my favorite asylums to date. This structure is grand and beautiful, its like a castle. The asylum grounds are free to walk around with no problems. Enjoy!!
Milledgeville State Hospital
Located in central Georgia this large institution now has several prisons, a veterans home, and a museum along with the still running state hospital.
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